About Academy

Women Self-Defence Academy (WSA) aims mentally and physically strengthening women and therefore projects carried out as a non-profit initiative to make the WSA a well-established platform. Since May 2018, the Academy has been organizing empowerment and self-defence workshops for women groups and it has been carrying out advocacy efforts in digital for strengthening solidarity network among the women who have same experiences.


To contribute to empowerment of women by increasing awareness with empowering works on women’s rights, the gender equality and the self-defence.


To be a strong women’s organization for free and ideal democratic society with the gender equality, free from discrimination and violence, respectful of human rights.

Our Values

• Non-violence
• Considering the best interests of the people
• Multiculturalism
• Unconditional acceptance and respect
• Sensitivity to gender
• Transparency and accountability
• Empathetic attitude
• Comprehensiveness

Would you like to become a member of our association?

You can reach our Women's Self Defense Association Membership Form from here .

After downloading and filling out the membership form, you can apply by sending an e-mail to "info@kadinozsavunma.org".