Volunteering Policy

Who is Volunteer?

A volunteer is a person who takes responsibility/ takes in charge within Women Self-Defence Academy (WSA) willingly and has no materialistic expectation/ pecuniary advantage for this responsibility/ duty.

Who can become a volunteer?

Everyone who has motivation to take responsibility/ take charge within the Academy, who wants to participate in studies for women’s empowerment, who does not need to have a specific area of expertise, who is of full age and who identifies as a woman can become a volunteer.

Volunteering Fields

Academy is a platform that works in the field of young women’s mental and physical empowerment. From this point of view, the Academy organizes informative, supportive and self-defence-based workshops to combat gender-based violence and types of violence. All works carried out within this scope and fields about the general process of the Academy are open to volunteers' involvement.

Active volunteering fields;

* Legal Support Group
* Psychosocial Support Group
* Communication and Advocacy Group
* Eğitim Destek Gönüllü Grubu
* Program Gönüllü Grubu

What can you gain by becoming a volunteer in the WSA?

It provides an opportunity to contribute to purpose of social benefit, to support struggle in the field of women's rights by being part of this struggle, to produce and gain experience about the field where the volunteers take responsibility/ take in charge, to participate in workshops made on the purpose of empowering team members of the Academy and to facilitate the workshops, to strengthen personal skills, to be mediator that the Academy can reach young women at different points of the country and establish empowerment field together.

Volunteering Rights & Responsibilities

The academy sees its volunteers as a supplementary element. The volunteers have the right to take in charges that make sense to them, to be treated as equal coworkers, to obtain efficient information. They have full involvement and full participation rights and have the right to recognize the works carried out. In return for this, the volunteers accept to carry out their responsibilities/ duties in the best manner, to obey the Academy's codes of conduct within this period and to stick to the Academy's purpose and principles.

Representation of the WSA

Akademi’nin temsilini önemli ölçüde etkileyebilecek herhangi bir açıklama ve/veya eylemden önce gönüllüler Akademi İletişim ve Savunuculuk Koordinatöründen ön konsültasyon ve onay almalıdır. Bu eylemler arasında; (bunlarla sınırlı olmamak üzere) basın, koalisyon veya diğer kuruluşlarla yapılan lobicilik çabaları, sözleşme veya diğer mali yükümlülükleri içeren herhangi bir anlaşma yer alabilir. Gönüllüler, görev tanımlarında yer alan ve yalnızca bu yazılı şartnamelerin kapsamında özel olarak belirtilen alanlarda Akademi’nin temsilcileri olarak hareket etmeye yetkilidir.


The volunteers are responsible for protecting privacy of all confidential and/ or privileged information (employees, volunteers, funder organizations, projects of the Academy, third parties or general works of the Academy) during their volunteering period within the Academy. Lack of confidentiality results in termination of the volunteer's relationship with the Academy.

Volunteer Orientation

All volunteers will get general orientation about purpose and qualification of the Academy, qualification of the field or activity in which they take duty/ responsibility and a special orientation about purpose and requirements of position that they accept.

Volunteer Coordination

Every WSA volunteer takes part in a support group specifically. Process of these groups is carried out by a coordinator and this coordinator is responsible for equal involvement in the field of the volunteers who take part in the groups, producing mutual work and sharing responsibility, following-up the works and providing open communication for all questions and problems of the volunteers. The volunteers can get supervision support that they may need from coordinators of the support group that they are included.

Evaluation System

The Support Group Coordinators and the volunteers make evaluation meetings regularly in order to learn the volunteers' feedback about their relationship with the Academy, their expectations and their responsibilities/ duties that they take and to listen to their suggestions. The reports of these evaluation meetings and monthly follow-up forms about the volunteers' duty/ responsibilities are shared by the support group coordinators with the Academy team. The evaluation system is an opportunity for both the volunteer and the Academy to examine and improve their relationships.