HR Policy


Our purpose is to create an employee profile that uses teamwork, team spirit and resources efficiently by blending desires, productivities, motivations and experiences of new employees.


• Human Resources Department specifies responsibility and/ or characteristics required by vacant position.
• The recruitment process is begun with internet postings for the vacant positions.
• Incoming applications are analyzed and candidates with sufficient qualifications for vacant postings pass preselection and are evaluated with oral interview in which authorities of the Human Resources Department, directors of Academy and relevant coordinators participate.
• The interviews continue with the candidates who have the qualifications required by the vacant position and they are appointed when an agreement is reached.
• Interview result is conveyed in written to each candidate.
• “The Human Resources Department” is the main element in all these processes.

Adoption and implementation of rights-based approaches are mutual criteria for all positions.


We do not have vacant position currently.


Lifelong Learning and Improvement

Continuation of the learning with formal and/ or nonformal methods in order to increase knowledge levels and experience of the employees continually.

Wage Management

The wage is determined through duty, authority and responsibilities of position of employment and equal pay for equal work is implemented.


Women Self-Defence Academy (WSA) must be transparent in the recruitment processes, employment and all following processes. The employees show necessary sensitivity about the transparency and they cannot share the information regarding this issue with third party and/ or institutions.

Efficiency and Productivity

Being productive about work items and spending the processes efficiently are under the employees’ own responsibilities, but they are also responsible to the Academy. The Academy is responsible for providing the necessary conditions in order to meet these conditions.

Crisis Management

In crisis periods, the Academy acts to avoid experiencing possible unjust treatments by looking after the employees’ rights.

Equality of Opportunity

“Encouraging works” are implemented in order to provide active participation of disadvantaged groups.

Respect for Nature

Respect for nature is under both the WSA’s and the employees’ joint and mutual responsibilities. It serves as basic criterion in all works done.

Equality and Diversity
All kinds of discrimination among the employees due to language, race, colour, gender, political opinion, belief, religion, sect, age, physical disability or similar reasons is strictly prohibited.
Occupational Health and Safety

Providing healthy and safe work environment and protecting this environment are under the WSA’s and the employees’ mutual responsibilities.

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