Psychosocial Support

What Does the Psychosocial Support Team Do?

The works of psychosocial support team with the preventive psychosocial support approach are as follows:

- Risk analysis and mapping
- Agenda tracking and needs analysis (with supplementary tests / scales as needed)
- Structured / Semi-structured observation
- Workshops (based on practice and non-formal techniques)
- Trainings and webinars
- Focus group studies
- Individual and group counseling (Not active)

The main topics envisaged for these activities - to be revised according to the needs - are as follows:

- Gender-Based Violence
- The Cycle of Violence
- Dating Violence
- Digital Violence
- Safe Relationships
- Non-violent Communication
- Psychological Empowerment
- Female Sexuality and Sexual Health

Psikososyal Destek Ekibi Neden Kuruldu?

Psychosocial support defines a professional service that takes the individual as a whole with cultural, social, emotional, psychological, biological and cognitive aspects and aims to empower them.

Aiming to empower women both mentally and physically, the Women's Self Defense Academy is aware of the importance of psychosocial support in combating gender inequality and has taken the necessary steps to establish this sub-field.

Psychosocial Support Basic Principles and Approaches

- 10 basic principles and 4 approaches are considered in all activities to be carried out on behalf of the psychosocial support team.

What is NOT a Psychosocial Approach?

- It is not a therapy method that includes medication.
- It is not just the support that individuals with personality disorders receive.
- On the contrary, difficulties that create stress and anxiety and feelings that are difficult to cope with in daily life are the main areas of this service.
- It is not a magic touch where problems are solved by giving advice.
- The main focus of the psychosocial approach is to empower individuals and to take responsibility for their own lives. For this reason, there is no advice that includes guidance in these sessions.